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108 Landscape
108 Landscape
Guy Keen & Jasper
Who is Guy Keen?
The Photographer
Guy Keen, pictured here with his trusty assistant Jasper the Cockapoo.

Still very much in training, Jasper has some way to go as a photographers assistant - currently he thinks the prime purpose of location shoots is to chase sticks and play with any other dogs that they happen across.

To find out more about Guy's experience as a photographer, his inspiration for the business and what 108Landscape is all about, then please read on ...

Guy started his photography in the days of film, shooting 35mm and medium format cameras and developing his prints in a darkroom. Guy still shoots film today though professionally has fully embraced the digital era, working initially part time shooting portraits and events alongside a full time career as a Fire Officer. During this time his landscape photography remained purely a personal pursuit. Guy retired from his Fire Officer role in 2021 after 30 years distinguished service and immediately moved to fulfil a long held ambition to launch his full time landscape photography business - '108 Landscape’. Guy is affiliated to the British Institute of Professional Photographers.

Why 108 Landscape
A fine art photographer uses the medium of photography to represent their artistic vision, naturally this vision is influenced by the life experience of the artist themselves. The title choice '108 Landscape' recogises Guy's life experience, where his passion and drive to aspire has been channeled into decades pursuing excellence in both martial arts and photography.

Traditional martial arts has given Guy a deep understanding of, and alignment with nature, recognising balance, energy flow and changes in seasons. The same applies to his photography, endeavouring to capture nature and appreciating, in doing so, that 3 is a powerful number.

Using 3’s in composition provides both balance and depth to an image, adding interest and appeal for the human eye. In eastern cultures the number 3 and multiples of 3 are also very important, the ultimate multiple being 108. Hence traditional Okinawan and Chinese martial art forms often align with these numbers, and why the ultimate forms associate with 108.

Understanding the relevance of 108 in Guy's photography helps you to understand his artistic vision and also his drive to achieve perfection in his landscape work. Such an aspiration is a journey and not a destination, Guy invites you to join him on this visual journey through the portfolio of 108Landscape.